‘Oh Paradise’: Tina’s Father Drops Bombshell

Father of Black Sherif’s High School lover who was featured in popular song, ‘Oh Paradise’ has asked Blacko to present himself to the family or face disciplinary actions.

Black Sherif has revealed in many interviews that ‘Oh Paradise’ was inspired by SHS girlfriend, Clementina who died during a deadly flu outbreak in 2017.

According to Mr. Clement Kofi Adu Bofour, Black Sherif is making money out of his family’s misery which is unpleasant.

Meanwhile he says he has never met Black Sherif and does not recognize him as his daughter’s lover.

Mr. Bofuor further stated that he is not doing this for the money but rather protecting his daughter’s image.

“He is tarnishing my daughter’s name because she was not your lover, but you are claiming she was your girlfriend. The girl was still in school and underage. How did she become your lover?” – He said

Mr Bofour further stated that the Kweku the traveler hitmaker might have had a hand in his daughter’s death.

“I want him to come and tell us how my daughter became his lover. Otherwise, I can say he has a hand in my daughter’s death. I will put it that way because you said she is your lover. How did you get there? And if you take a look at the events leading to her death. Yes, many people died in the school, but when we took her to the hospital, she was still alive, and nothing showed that she was dying. She was even discharged by the doctor but advised to stay for an extra night for observation and go home the next day. But she died at dawn.”

However Clementina’s dad says with a sound explanation, he would forgive Black Sherif.

“When she died, you didn’t come to see us at home. Whether you came or not, I did not see you. All of a sudden, you are making music about her. So, why won’t I say that you know something about her death? I am human, so if his explanation is sound. I will forgive him.


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