A Stranger Blackmailed Me With My Past – Dhat Gyal reveals

‘Queen of Mashup’, Dhat Gyal, has lamented that a stranger blackmailed her with her past life.

Known in private life as Ernestina Afari, Dhat Gyal, speaking to Radio Univers’ Eugene McQuaye cried that someone blackmailed her and her team with pictures of her past life.

According to her, the life she lived in the ghetto was not one she was proud of.

Therefore, when a stranger decided to blackmail her with pictures of that past life just when her musical career was about to take off took her to her lowest.

Dhat Gyal, who has become a household name in the world of mashups shot to fame some few years ago as she did covers of famous songs.

Her silky voice combined with her control of the songs grasped the attention of music lovers in the country.

She struggled to hold up to this as she went back to her old life but the ‘Queen’ mentioned to Eugene McQuaye and co-host Kwesi Live that she totally back to her best.

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