Black Sherif’s ‘Ankonam’; The Tale of The Sad Loner

The normal lone man is basically voiceless and without significance in the society. They are mostly poor and without lovers.

However, who knows the kind of power, strength and abilities that are hidden in these people? Who is even willing to be their helper, give them the helping hand and tell them everything is going to be okay?

Probably, that is why Black Sherif’s upcoming tune, ‘Ankonam’ is so important to the youth on the streets.

When it seemed like they’ve lost their voices, the young street boy Konongo has decided to lend them a strong helping hand by putting together this masterpiece.

‘Ankonam’ is a song written and delivered straight from the heart and pierces the hearts of all involved in this daily hustle to make ends meet.

The tune will be officially out on Friday and I bet you wouldn’t want to miss one.

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If you have any doubts about his musical prowess, take a moment and enjoy these songs below;

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