Will Lil Nas X Drop An Album?

Rapper Lil Nas X literally took the music industry by storm. Last year he released one of the most successful singles ever—literally!

Remember that hit single “Old Town Road” with Billy Ray Cyrus? It was so popular it stayed at number 1 on the Billboard charts for 17 weeks! Yes, you read that correctly! Seventeen weeks is a really long time and it is quite incredible for a song to even last for two weeks in a row, let alone 17!

RapTV has called him a legend and predicts his next album, which is rumored to drop soon, will be even better than we could have ever imagined.

Since the rise to fame, Lil Nas X has stolen the hearts of music fans around the world and made fans fall in love with him. Here are five reasons why fans absolutely adore Lil Nas X.

1.     He gives back to the kids

It always melts your heart when celebrities find time to inspire the next generation. Lil Nas X surprised an elementary school with a concert where he performed Old Town Road for them! These little five year olds knew every single word to the song and went crazy dancing with Lil Nas X as he sang along with them. Our hearts melted over the viral video and is such a wholesome way to give back to the tiniest of his fans.

2.     He is confident in himself

Not only did Lil Nas X top the charts last year, but he announced his sexuality on social media during America’s Pride Month. This was the first time that a hip hop/country/rapper had come forward so boldly, and fans loved him even more for his honesty. The rapper came from humble beginnings, with no money and not a whole lot of fans backing his music. His resilience to persevere with the craft he loves while being honest about who he truly is has led him to have such a loyal fanbase!

3.     He stands out with his fashion

Lil Nas X doesn’t dress how his name suggests. He is known as the ‘hip hop cowboy’ who loves to wear his cowboy hat and denim jacket. Not the thug like fashion everyone assumed he would have. This legend is not only redefining hip hop and rap music but is also redefining fashion as well! It pays to be different and stand out—both with the music and in the fashion world. Lil Nas X has certainly nailed both down pretty perfectly!

4.     He is humble

Everyone loves a humble superstar, and that is exactly what Lil Nas X is! When he lasted 17 weeks at the number one spot on the Billboard charts, he dethroned the former record holder Mariah Carey. Rather than taking to social media to brag about his accomplishments, he instead thanked Mariah for inspiring him and sent her flowers. What a sweet guy!

5.     He respects his elders

When Lil Nas X’s single started to go viral, he was determined to make a remix with one of his country idols Billy Ray Cyrus. Rather than using his connections, he went to the average joe on Twitter to ask for their support in making it happen. Twitter happily obliged the request, and soon Cyrus and Lil Nas X were singing together in the studio. And the rest is pretty much history with this remix’s massive success!

So, we all love Lil Nas X, and we all love his hit single. But we can all agree he has been quiet on the music front for quite a while. But we have inside scoop it won’t be quiet for much longer! Rumor has it that his new album is nearly ready to be released, and we can’t freaking wait!

Lil Nas X took to twitter in July to confirm the suspicions that his album is nearly complete and that there is also a mixtape in the works! And true to Lil Nas X’s humble nature, he has asked his fans to help produce the mixtape! In the same tweet, he encouraged fans to send their own beats to his music producers so they can incorporate it into the project.

Of course, we expect Lil Nas X fans to be going crazy over this update, for many different reasons! We all miss listening to the Grammy winner’s dope tunes and are in desperate need of some more of his rap magic to get us through 2020. We also all can’t wait to hear his mixtape project and are already in admiration for his commitment to involve fans whenever he can.

Fans have been able to put together little hints from his hit Old Town Road to figure out that he might be gay. Who knows what else we will learn about Lil Nas X from his next batch of music! But we all can’t wait—literally! 

Credit: http://RapTV.com

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