Eze Writes: What does it mean to be truly in love…? Is loving someone the same as being in love with someone?

Are you really in love?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer when it comes to explaining how we feel. Love comes in different ways and we all react differently to it. It can be so confusing that you can misinterpret a lot of other feelings as being in love. Let’s try to define what being in love entails.

Being in love means desiring the happiness of your partner and admiring them for the individual they are, feeling motivated to be a better person for the sake of your love. It goes beyond mere physical attraction. 

You’ve probably met that special someone and he’s got you thinking and day dreaming than before and you get those butterflies in your stomach anytime you are about to see them.

Does this mean you’re in love? It can be really difficult to tell if you’re in love or not but let’s consider some signs does usually shows itself when you are in love.

  1. You are happier doing mundane chores together. Washing the dishes and the clothes had always been hectic right? Maybe it would be different if you tried it with that special person beside you. 

2. You see yourselves going all the way and factor each other into future plans. Not necessarily marriage but you can confidently include them in an event or program that will be happening two or three years from now because you know he or she will still be around by then. 

3. Every bit of your environment reminds you of them. “That’s the spot James likes to sit the most”, “Judith would love to keep this jug”. It comes naturally because you always have them on your mind.

4. Did you like Football? Did you like watching those Novellas on TV? Did you like to go out to see movies? Maybe you didn’t when you were single and not in love. Being in love, you’re now taking an interest in everything your partner also has an interest. It’s not the activity that excites you but the fact that it makes you feel the presence of your partner. You never liked dancing, did you? But it someway somehow reminds you of that special one if he had an interest in dancing. 

5. You’re automatically and naturally obliged to make him or her your first point of news broadcast be it good or bad. Got a new job? You probably will not think about your friends until you have given each and every detail of it to that special person. 

6. You stop thinking of anyone who has an interest in you or in whom you have an interest. To you, there could be no better time to be alive and no better person to share your time with than your partner. 

Is it the same thing to love and to be in love?

Do you love your friends? Definitely. Do you love your family? Most definitely. So why don’t you feel the same way you feel when you meet that special person?Loving someone is a conscious you make to be together, to trust them, and to care for them. It’s one thing to love someone and it’s another to be in love with someone. You can love somebody and never truly be in love with the person. Maybe you loved your ex but never really in love with them. 

Falling in love is a natural part of life’s journey. Every human being falls in love at least once in his or her lifetime. You didn’t plan for it to happen and maybe you don’t understand why you fell in love or maybe why you’re in love now but weren’t before. Loving someone is a different feeling from being in love with someone and that is why we don’t engage in a romantic relationship with our family members and friends even though we love them. 

Being in love with someone is wanting to feel safe in their hands, wanting to share your sincere feelings and thoughts with them and thinking of them wherever you find yourself. 

Ezekiel Allotey 



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