‘I Will Simply Block You If You Insult Me’ – Queen eShun

One of the most common activities on social media platform, Twitter, is blocking.

Many celebrities resort to blocking fans or people who ‘criticizes’ them or feel are being abusive.

Queen eShun responding to allegations of her being a regular ‘blocker’ on twitter admitted that she does it but with a reason.

According to her, she takes constructive criticisms very lightly until it becomes abusive.

I accept criticisms when they are constructive but I’ll not hesitate to block you if you abuse or insult me. Celebrities are just as humans as everybody so we need to be accorded same respect – she said on GhOne TV’s Rythmz Live.

Queen eShun just released the visuals to her new song, ‘Handcuff’, which addresses abuse in relationship and domestic violence.

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