Guest Article: What Are The Best Freestyles Of 2019?

In the world of musical freestyle, 2019 was nothing short of legendary. 

We are now half-way through 2020, and let us all be honest, this current year has been nothing short of a chaotic catastrophe for the world. According to RapTV, “With all of these negative events happening, people have been so grateful to have things that bring the human race closer together, like technology and, of course, music”.  

So, there is no time like the present to remember the better years of the past—looking back fondly at the year that just was. 2019 was many things, including being an incredible year for the art of freestyling, which dominated the airwaves of radio stations, viral Youtube videos and Instagram.  

Freestyles are one of the most underrated musical skills and something that less and less musicians are able to successfully master. The skill of freestyle takes a mastery of technique, improvisation, showmanship and straight up confidence. No matter what platform rappers showcased their freestyling skills on, the best in the business proved that freestyle is not dead—in fact, it is just getting started in making it’s mark as it moves into the next decade. 

Check out these 5 unforgettable freestyle of 2019:

  1. M.A. 

Showing that she is the master of wordplay, M.A. came out of hiding after her debut year and showed the freestyle world what real skill is. Combining her rhyming skills with a calm confidence, she delivered some stunners like “I said the queen of Brooklyn, let’s get it/ That’s queen with a “k” cause I’m a king too”. Each and every syllable was delivered in a chillingly calm way…..can you say brrrrrr?!

2. Megan Thee Stallion

Shout out to the ladies, Megan Thee Stallion showed her girl power with her freestyle skills on XXXL Freshman Verse. With lines like “your n—a in my DM and he writin’ love letters”. Dang….all we can say is that either you can rap, or you can’t. It is as simple as that. And clearly, Megan Thee Stallion can rap. 

3. Drake 

The man, the myth, the legend—Drake showed 2019 that freestyle was not out of style. In fact, he elevated the artform to a whole new level with his “Behind Barz” freestyle, which was first debuted at the end of 2018 in the UK. He released the official version of it in September 2019 as part of the featured soundtrack for the Netflix series Top Boy. With lines like that rip into Big Shaq’s viral parody “Mans not hot”, Drake showed his mastery of staying culturally relevant in his freestyle rhymes. 

4. Tierra Whack 

If Instagram freestyle is the new big thing, then Tierra Whack is most certainly the queen of the platform’s freestyle movement. In one of her viral posts that she did with the intention of gaining Will Smith’s attention, Tierra relies on her weird and whacky rhymes to truly deliver. Who can forget when she threw out the verse “I was gonna take a sip, but I ain’t even thirsty / It’s summertime and my own sun (son?) tried to burn me”. Dang Tierra, there are not enough “like” buttons for that one!

5. YBN Cordae

The true test of one’s freestyle game is shown when showcasing your skills on a live platform, such as the radio. YBN Cordae proved that his youthful age would not limit his impressively experienced freestyling skills, blowing away everyone at Hot97 when he let out one of his best freestyles to date. During an interview with the radio hosts, he sampled a little freestyle, throwing down what has got to be one of the most memorable insults of the year, saying “the difference between me and you? Multiply your self worth by  trillion / your high ceilin’ still couldn’t equal to a fraction of my worst sh*t”. Dangggg boi….RESPECT!

With the freestyles that wowed us in 2019, we can not wait to see what rappers come up with this year. God knows there is enough drama and turmoil to draw inspiration from. Here is to a year of what we hope will be freestyles calling for a better world to live in. 


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