Understand My Lyrics First Before You Talk, Mr. Best Rapper – Eno Barony Throws Another Shot at Medikal

The war of words has not ended yet as Eno Barony has come out to defend herself and throw yet another shot at Medikal.

After Medikal likened Eno to a corpse, the ‘huge’ female rap god has not taken it lightly as she responded subtly to the former.

In her response, Eno appreciated Medikal for giving her a free verse on ‘King of Queens’ but insisted that her song, #ArgumentDone was not directed to the AMG music act.

According to her, she directed the song to the ‘Ghostwriter’ who wrote Sister Afia’s verse for her on ‘You Gat Nerves’.

She then asked Medikal to understand her lyrics before throwing future shots at her.

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