This Is How Strongman Has Benefitted From Beef With Medikal

Arguably one of the best weekends in Ghanaian rap history, the beef between Strongman and Medikal came at a time where one of the main actors needed it most.

After breaking away from Sarkcess Music on the back his contract expiration, Strongman needed that peddle to jump back to Ghana’s music scene. Maybe his recent beef with Medikal has done the much needed magic for him. The strong lyrical beef between the AMG music act and the Kumasi-based artiste was one that  drew the attention of almost all Ghanaian music lovers as some were put on the edge of their seats waiting for the next track to drop. In the process, Medikal released ‘To whom it may concern’, ‘Vamijo’ and ‘The Last Burial’. Strongman on the other hand spat fire on ‘Don’t Try’ and ‘Immortal’ in response.

After these four songs, it was then time for both artistes to capitalize on the attention they’ve garnered so far with Medikal coming out with ‘Drip’ and Strongman releasing ‘Ups and Downs’ an hour later.

But after all is said and done, how much did Strongman benefit from this whole lyrical brawl? Interestingly, Strong G’s YouTube channel had a little over 24k subscribers before the weekend. After the weekend, Strongman now has about 41k, almost double of what he had earlier.


Also, the streams on the audio slides of these beef songs alone have surpassed his that of his commercial song with Kelvynbwoy, ‘Crazy For You’ which was released two weeks earlier. Crazy for you at the time of writing this post had just over 141k views pm YouTube with Don’t Try clocking 248k views.

There is no doubt that this lyrical beef was in vain. Strongman indeed needed this and has got what he actually wanted from it, the clicks and attention. It now depends on how the artiste himself will channel this attention and use it to his advantage. Currently, he’s still on a radio tour promoting ‘Crazy For You’.

I wish Strongman and his team all the best.


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