Ephiya Writes: Talk Is Cheap, Actions Are Expensive

Watch those who talk a lot, for most of their talks are empty.

Many people are actually good when it comes to the talking aspect, but when it comes to acting their words, they act as though the words did not come from them.
It is said, that even a foolish person is considered wise when they live a quiet life.
Learn to nurture your plans till when it is due time for execution, learn to weigh your promises and be sure you can do them before saying them.
Your words makes you, If you cant be faithful to your words, you are worth nothing!!!
Ephiya Writes.
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Kwesilive has been a media enthusiast since childhood. He is also an entertainment critic, writer and a Radio show host. His media career began in 2009 when he featured on 'Nhyira FM's' 'Kiddie Sports' before volunteering for kumasionline.net, Sweet Melodies FM and Radio Univers.

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