ALBUM REVIEW: Is GIFTED II enough to prove that Flowking Stone is actually gifted?



Rapper cum Biochemist, Flowking Stone has released volume 2 of his Gifted album. The 1st volume was released in the year 2016. It was a 27 – track compilation which included viral records such as Go Low, Mekyeakyea, Fire Bon Dem (Original & Remix) and Electric. Let’s journey through the presentation volume 2 has made for music patrons:

On Gifted I, Flowking Stone delivered rap verses on a very indigenous instrumentation in a song titled Rapping Drums. On volume 2, Flowking decided to be more indigenous in his records. Records such as the Nwomkro skits, the Aseda Skit and Nana proves his unbridled loyalty to the culture of the society he hails from.  The richness of cultural heritage Flowking Stone exudes on GIFTED II is enviable. He hails from a family that demonstrates the resolve to be resistant to forces of acculturation, cultural diffusion and globalization. His senior brother, Okyeame Kwame is currently embarking on a project that seeks to project Ghana’s heritage beyond the borders of the country.

One of the professionally-knitted songs on the album is Run Dem which features the legend, Samini. It’s a sound dominant with hip hop waves interwoven with a touch of reggae delivered by Samini. SmokeyBeats did an excellent work on that production.

Further, Flowking attempted to exhibit his versatility by being more vocal with his presentation on Hustler’s Prayer produced by Mister Okyere. He was also vocally apt on Amazing (Awawado), Crab Song (Okoto) and Darling which features Nana Yaa.

It is also commendable that Flowking Stone was able to give the opportunity to up and coming artistes such as King Paluta and Krayon on Soldier and My Place respectively. This is one of the avenues of supporting up and coming talents as an artiste in a more privileged position.

Flowking Stone also hosted one of Africa’s thriving artistes across the globe, Mr. Eazi. Dubbed 1 man 1000, Mr. Eazi and Flowking Stone spoke about hard work and resilience as the surest paths to affluence. ‘1 man 1000’ which means a person involved in multitasking is considered as constituting hard work on this song.

Yaa Pono, who has over the years proved to be not only potent in rap but also vocally potent, made a vocal submission on Winning for Flowking Stone. The song is an expression of one of the usual themes underlying typical contemporary African songs, love. Similarly, on Wifey where Flowking hosted steadily-rising singer, Kelvynboy, the Rapper cum Biochemist demonstrated how romantic he was as he delivered an enchanting message to his wife.

On volume 1 of the Gifted album, Flowking Stone had one intensely danceable tune titled Go Low – a very commercially appetizing song which earned him the 2016 VGMA Hiplife Song of the Year.  Volume 2 of the Gifted album is also garnished with an absolute banger for the streets. Dubbed My Place featuring Dr. Sid and Krayon, the song is definitely one of the records which will qualify for any playlist for the dance floor. I Want and Ragom Zo are other dance stimulating records on the album. Recording such tracks and including them in the compilation for the album is an indication of Flowking Stone’s recognition of the preferences of the masses. These songs are replete with commercial flavour. They can guarantee you the rotation on the streets because that it what is most preferred out there.

There was an invocation of some nostalgia as Flowking Stone featured his brothers Kunta Kinte and Okyeame Kwame on Lady Gaga. The song furnishes you with a feeling of the melodious and lyrical treats by the once vibrant music group, Bradez. The nostalgia is elaborated by the use of the titles of some of the group’s very popular songs, Simple and One Gallon. One interesting component of this song is an enthralling wordplay Flowking Stone delivered on the song;

Kane no na ɛyɛ alumi alumi, afei wa dane gold enti wontie advice,

ma sacke (Sark..) no efiri mia me fie, girl no yɛ forken woa shatter (shatta) me life

Lol. If you followed the Sark-Shatta beef, you should be able to relate to the line stated above.

Blow My Mind and One Love featuring Akwaboah and Adina respectively are currently enjoying impressive airplay on the airwaves. They were released as singles off the album ahead of the album release.

General Views

GIFTED II can be described as a balanced diet considering the fact that the album offers nutrients emanating from almost all the major music genres. Rap heads have been served with a playlist. Music patrons obsessed with street bangers have also been served with a playlist. The afrobeat/afro pop fans have also not been neglected.

Personally, the outstanding tracks on the album for me have to be the skits, Nana, Crab Song (Okoto) and Rundem. I hope music patrons will broaden their tastes and preferences for music to ignite the appreciation of songs like the aforementioned songs. The songs are so well-knitted to be denied attention by the masses. I also urge Flowking Stone to intensify the promotion of the album. He must be shooting more music videos to accelerate the penetration of the songs across the demographic space.

The producers who worked on the album discharged their work without any form of maladroit. Notably, their ability to fuse the western sounds with the indigenous sounds were impressive. The fusion was adroit. The producers include Kc Beatz, Tubhani Musik, Smokeybeatz and Mizter Okyere. The others are Guiltybeatz, B2, Dr Ray beat, DredW, Joe Koal and Williz beat.

Rating: On a percentage scale, I will rate GIFTED II 85%.


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