Is UGCS A Friend Or Enemy Of The Legon Student?

It is the dream of most Ghanaian and international students to study in Ghana’s most prestigious higher institution, the University of Ghana.

With its rich history, beautiful and serene environment, its many infrastructure and amenities, it has become the hub of education in the country and also West Africa. In 2016, it was ranked the 7th Best University in Africa and the best in West Africa by The Times Higher Education (THE).

However, one institution in this prestigious University that has become a thorn in the flesh of students is the University of Ghana Computing Systems. A department that is supposed to provide the IT services that the University of Ghana requires to fulfil its mission to be a world-class centre for research and teaching, as well as the core IT systems, tools and services that keep the University running day-to-day and also provide innovative services and projects to support learning, teaching and research, the UGCS has become an obstruction in the lives of students in achieving their goals.

Right after an individual gains admission to the Premier University, the hustle with UGCS begins. From online registration to the stern online selection of halls which is now dubbed ‘The Battle of the Strongest Internets’ by most students to consistently changing patterns of logging in to the MIS Web, the whole service administered to students by the University’s main IT hub is worrying.

As I am writing this at dawn of reopening day, the portal for registration of residence is still not opened to students yet. Many students including myself are still struggling to even do the online registration of courses. So the numerous questions most students including myself keep asking are;

  1. Why wait till a day to reopening before opening the portal for Academic registration?
  2. Why is residential registration portal still not opened even on the day of reopening where students are expected to arrive on campus by 9am?
  3. Was it a blessing or a curse to move from manual registration system to an online system?
  4. How log is this problem going to exist since I’ve been in this institution for close to 3 years now and the problem has not gotten any better but moves from bad to worse?
  5. When will the student be accorded that respect for issues or problems be communicated to them through the right channels?
  6. Does the staff at UGCS feel fulfilled when students throng their premises because of these issues?

The Vice Chancellor and other stakeholders must put their feet on the ground and work on this or else, the development of this institution will keep retarding. Students are fed up with the services of UGCS and it’s about time they sit and do the right thing.


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