New Online Cinema To Be Launched In Ghana On Jan 31st

KUUMBA, a new online movie streaming site is set to be launched in Ghana and accross the world come 31st January. The platform which is currently accessible around the globe will pave way for movie producers to generate revenue from their works without necessarily depending on premiering at a cinema.

The platform will give movie lovers across the globe the opportunity to appreciate contents created across Africa unlike other platforms like iRoko which focuses on Nigerian Movies only. With KUMMBA, movie lovers have a variety of movies as well as series to watch and choose what best suit their interest.

Speaking exclusively to the CEO of KUUMBA Media, Freda Afia Frimpong, the platform unlike Netflix will give subscribers the opportunity to stream a paid for content for seven days. She disclosed that the platform is different from other movie streaming sites because subscribers pay per movie and not monthly subscriptions.

“…Unlike Netflix, you pay for what you want to watch on KUUMBA and you have more times to access it. So let’s say you watch the latest film today, you can still watch it the next day and the next day; you have seven days to access the film”

According to Freda, the brain behind KUUMBA is to allow people who may not necessarily be Africans appreciate African content

“… We do that (stream more than once) on purpose because we want people to really get to know African content especially the people that don’t live in Africa. We want them to really enjoy and understand it. So that is why we set up KUUMBA a little bit different than the average video on-demand platform” she explained.

She thus advised movie producers to take advantage of this platform because currently there is no movie on-demand platform that is globally internalized.

“So currently right now, Africa doesn’t have a video on-demand platform that is dedicated to all of Africa. So there is a couple of movie on-demand platforms like iRoko but they focus specifically on Nollywood which is Nigerian type.  But KUUMBA is for the broad minded African producer or film maker that wants the world to know their content and is able to monetize their content on KUUMBA”

Story by: David Quaye Breezy

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