Relationship Corner: Guys! A List of 18 Romantic Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Romance is what makes relationships so attractive and spicy. And unfortunately girls often complain that guys lag behind and are very uninventive and unwilling to do something special. So, men, these romantic gestures will help you to win her over and become her number one!

Ready to start? Surely your woman will appreciate these gestures and love you for them even more!

1. Sweets for the sweetest
Chocolates are the ultimate solution for settling problems with your girlfriend. However, you can do better than that. One of the ideas is to buy some delicious ice cream and get a good movie for you two to watch it at home. Get just one bowl and two spoons to sit close together and share the pleasure.

2. Massage her feet
Most women love it as much, as they love sex! It’s not a joke. Her feet are very sensitive and gently massaging them brings true pleasure to your lady. So, when you two watch a movie, do it and she will certainly appreciate your efforts and pay them back.

3. Write a letter
Yes, the real letter on paper. In the era of internet and gadgets we got so unused to such things. Pick some nice paper (colored or a scented one). Find a great poem to include in your letter. Try to communicate your feelings to her the best you can. Mail it to her or leave under her door.

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4. Small gifts

A small gift can take you a long distance! They do not have to be expensive, but they do have to be creative. Most ladies love little things for their homes: vases, wall art, dream catchers (have you ever heard of these?), boxes, etc. You can find them online on one of such sites as Etsy or even in some inexpensive stores.
At times you can find awesome little things on sale or at the flea market!
Get a bunch of them, but do not give them all at once. Make a whole week of little surprises. Let her live in constant and joyful anticipation of what awaits her next.

5. Make yourself useful
Offer her to go and do the grocery shopping with her. Could that possibly be romantic? Well, it can, if you do it right. Offer her to carry her bags with groceries. Read some magazines or articles to be able to surprise her and advise some nice healthy or diet products to her. Just show you care, that’s all she needs!

6. Create romantic memories
Offer her to pick the song for your couple. Pick some awesome spots and take her there. Get food and small gifts or flowers to make the date special and memorable. Take the photos.

7. Put kisses on her face
That is the free thing you can do. Take her face into your hands and gently kiss her forehead, cheeks, lips, chin. Let those kisses be romantic, rather than sexy. That’s how you make her feel very special.

8. Cook her something
Even if you cannot cook a full meal, do your best. Master at least one recipe and cook something special for the girl. You can make her a cup of coffee with few toasts and jam. Remember what Hugh Jackman did in Kate and Leo movie? So simple, but she was impressed!

10. Be spontaneous
This works the best with the girls who like spontaneity. Not all of them do. Some chicks are overly organized. However, once in a while you can do some crazy and romantic thing to shake her up a bit.

11. Listen to her
Just sitting in her kitchen, sipping coffee or wine and talking works well. Women love to talk. Ask her right questions and just listen. Tell her how you love her voice. Complement her about the deepness of her thought and personality. That’s what she is after.

12. Cuddle
What could be cheaper and easier to do? You can do at when you two are alone or even in public. When you hang out with your friends, just do it to demonstrate your feelings publicly.

13. Do some secret shopping

Listen to her carefully to understand what she dreams about, then go and secretly buy the very thing. However, keep the check just in case so you could return the item. Who knows, maybe you misunderstood her?

14. Leave her video messages
We can greatly use gadgets in our love lives. One way to do so is to record a video and to send it to her phone. Tell her how you love her. Do something crazy on that video to pleasantly surprise her.

15. Go to a dance
From old times dancing has been deemed to be very romantic. If you cannot dance, invite her to take the dancing classes with you. This would help you to unite and have great time together.

16. Bring her a lunch to work
If you are staying the night over at her place, plan on packing up a lunch for her to work. Or just show up and bring her what she loves to eat.

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17. Make a bed


In the morning, while she is in the shower, make the bed and leave a flower or a candy on it. It’s so nice.

18. Watch her favorite show
Even if it’s not your thing, spend some time watching it with her. It shows you care!

All these things are nice and romantic. Plus, some of them would get you ready for the married life. Ask good husbands, they keep on doing these things for their wives!


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